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Traditional Japanese Acupuncture has over 1,500 years history and it has developed distinctively unique and different features from Traditional Chinese acupuncture. More specifically, it uses much finer needles with a wider variety of types (e.g. various pediatric acupuncture needles), and gentler and subtler techniques than Chinese style. We use a “guide tube” to insert such fine needles (gauge 0.12 mm ~ 0.16 mm are most commonly used) into the skin so that it makes the needle insertion absolutely painless. It also helps to keep needles clean during insertion. At our clinic, only cutting edge Japanese disposable needles are used.


Moxibustion (Moxa-combustion) is a heat application treatment on the acupuncture points. In Japanese moxibustion, grain-sized cone of moxa or dry, spongy herb “mugwort” is placed on the acupoints and lit with incense stick. The burning moxa is then pinched out or taken away by the therapist before it burns down completely to the skin. Thus the patient experiences a very comfortable sensation of heat. This is called direct-

burning Moxibustion which only Japanese practitioners use, non existent in TCM.

In general it has more or less the same efficacy as acupuncture, however, it can exert much wider and stronger effects on the overall biochemical changes in the body than acupuncture. It is extremely effective to strengthen the immunity and restore hormonal balance. Thus it can be a better choice for treating various internal chronic problems. Usually a combination of acupuncture and moxibustion brings about the best results.


Since traditional Chinese herbology was introduced to Japan over 1,500 years ago, Japanese medicine practitioners have developed their own diagnostic techniques and herbal prescriptions as adaptation to Japanese people's taste, constitution and health problems. It is called Kampo Japanese herbal medicine.

Many ailments, especially chronic diseases are treated very successfully with traditional  Kampo herbs. Kampo herbs have to be prescribed precisely according to each patient’s constitutional type and health condition, not on the basis of given names of ailment by western medicine.

Dr. Kokubo will decide whether or not the patient should use Kampo herbs for their health problems, or what kind of herbs should be prescribed for the patient’s condition after a thorough examination utilizing traditional Japanese diagnostic techniques of  Kampo medicine.

JAPANESE SHIATSU - Acupressure massage

Shiatsu (Shi–finger, atsu–pressure) is a traditional Japanese massage therapy based on the acupuncture principle. In Shiatsu, the therapist applies vertical pressure on the acupuncture points or along meridians (energy lines linking acupuncture points) with fingers, elbows or sometimes with knees. Shiatsu is very effective for many minor health problems. More and more people are using it for relaxation and stress release.


For those who have an in-bred fear of needles, choosing Dr. Kokubo’s well-trained and caring hands for Shiatsu can be a better solution.

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